Immersive Arts: Diving Into Art Technology

The interplay of immersive arts and media was examined in the “Immersive Arts” programme at re:publica TEN’s labore:tory. Speakers presented their experiments and research from the interfaces of performance, theatre, literature, film, internet and technology. “Immersion” was one of the main buzzwords at the 10th re:publica and refers to diving into an experience and becoming

Bringing Art Back With Technology

Art in the Classroom Students across the United States are not getting a full arts education. According to a 2012 report published by the National Center for Education Statistics, the amount of arts education was much lower at public elementary schools in 2009-2010 than ten years earlier, particularly with visual arts, dance, and drama. Cuts have

Design Graduate Career Profile

Design Graduate Career Path Generally people involved in art and design use a creative talent to produce pieces of work. This might be anything from a theatre backdrop to a design for a page of a book; from an item of jewellery to a stained glass window, from a colour scheme for a room to

Career Paths for Anthropology Majors

Anthropology What can you do with an anthropology major? Plenty! An undergraduate degree in anthropology can lead to a surprisingly wide array of rewarding public- and private-sector careers in which people with expertise in human behavior are valued. Students with an undergraduate degree in anthropology commonly follow any of four main career paths: positions in

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Education (B.Mus./B.Ed.) Offering a combination of music and education courses, including individual instrumental lessons, music theory, music history and the professionally-required education courses, this program is designed primarily for those desiring to teach instrumental music in junior or senior high school; or basic rhythms and instruments in elementary school. A choral component is

The Visual Arts and Technology

 Technology has had a major impact on the arts. One digital keyboard can now take the place of an entire orchestra. Recording software can make an off-key vocalist sound pitch perfect. And computer-generated imagery (CGI) can render new worlds in filmmaking that make The Wizard of Oz look quaint. And with just a laptop, tablet or smartphone,